Key features of Joomla 3.0

Joomla has always been a great choice for many. This powerful CMS system has got lots of cool and exciting stuffs to offer to add more feature and functionality to your website. For any business to flourish, a powerful and attractive website is a must. Don’t you think so? If you are into business you will definitely understand the need of a site for promoting the venture more effectively to public.

New ideas and marketing strategies are essential for bringing out. Now how to implement it and convey it to the potential clients? The power of all available resources should be utilized. Joomla does the same. It enhances and brings your ideas and business tactics to reality by building a self sufficient and competent website for your business.

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The various upgrades are competent and much better than similar services available in the market. But it is also true that each and every version has something special to offer for you. Here in this article you will get to know more about Joomla and its core features in detail. The biggest changes compared to the previous versions include:

  • New improved user interface
  • Advanced and improved article edit screen
  • Installation process made easy
  • Mobile view

Don’t you wish to have a deeper insight to the highlights?
The main menu comprises of all essential features that are easy to use as well as in simplified form. The User account is sited towards top right corner and the user information can be accessed quickly without much hassle. The site-wise system preferences and other changes can be quickly accessed via Main Site Settings at left column.

The Dashboard Modules enables first-glance information of recently made changes, events and other user footprints. Highly use and crucial features of Joomla will be displayed by Quick Icons located on right column. The Footer Menu keeps track of all simple information.

Important elements are located in prime areas and hence installation of Joomla takes just 3 steps. It is much simpler than the previous versions and everything can be done in few clicks without much hassle.

The article edit screen is completely redesigned making it more compact and easy to use. More importantly all the awkwardly located icons and tabs are placed in right position giving it a cool new look.

The default mobile view is yet another attraction. The responsiveness of the backend is dependent on the browser size.

There are lot more to know about Joomla. Definitely it is a great choice for those willing to bring something new to their website, whether it is look or in content. The kind of packages you choose has very much to do with your business needs. Hence have a thorough study on what you actually expect from your website and then plan accordingly. So what you are waiting for upgrade it now and make the best use of it.

Hosting plans and features of vps

Today you will find a number of web hosting companies offering you with great service. In order to strive in this competitive world, it is very important to market your products and other services effectively to the public. Well, you will find no other medium better than internet to get it done. Now, the question lies on how to find an efficient host that helps in bringing the potential clients to your side. If you succeed in establishing your position in the web world, then everything will come in your favour automatically. Well, MyHosting (read review at here) will be a good choice to make your business big. They focus mainly on virtual private service do that you can customize your needs depending on your requirements.

Established in 1997, this Canadian company proved to be very much successful in providing people with best service. Currently, they have over 50,000 clients all over the world and dedicate to offer reliable as well as affordable services that match with your expectations. They take up services and technologies from renowned companies like Intel, MCI, Cisco, Microsoft and many others to satisfy you with excellent service in all possible means. The experts out there are always there to help you with best solutions at any time. The company specializes in VPS hosting, shared hosting, hosting exchange and operates on email web-based retrieval system.

Data centre
Myhosting has Equinix and Earthlink data centres fully equipped with Cisco networks and Dell servers to store all your data safe and secure. The support team and management will be always there to help you with all your problems. You may either post a mail or just contact them via chat or phone to get it fixed.

Various plans
The company has designed its plans in such a manner to attract both personal users as well as small sized to medium businesses. They offer shared web hosting powered by on Cloud automation at cheap rates for managing websites more efficiently. The basic plan includes all necessary features and solutions for starting a website. The VPS services based on Windows and Linux platform will be perfect to enjoy the full functionality to the maximum.  Visit website vps hosting to have an in-depth knowledge on the plans and various services offered by this company.  

Key features
Some of the core features include:

  • Full root access
  • Data Transfer
  • Free options like Outlook Email, e-Commerce add-on, Domain name, database, site builder etc
  • Site rebuilder, restore and search tools
  • User-friendly cPanel

   When it comes to running a business, you have to focus on many things. The web hosting provider you choose is one of the important factors you have to consider in detail. With tight competition in the field, you will find plenty of hosts who promise great features. Your task is to choose the right plan that is apt for you and your company. The demand for service may differ depending on the type of venture you are into. If you wish to know more about MyHosting, then visit

Profit Is The Only Business Of Business

From the very earlier times a debate is going on and on that profit making is the only and ultimate objective of business. People have difference in their views as well as have proves to prove the authenticity of their statement. Some people are in favour of all business fraternity of the other hand there are many people who stand against in this matter as they have totally believe this statement. In this discussion we are trying to find out the reality behind this statement and the real meaning behind this statement.

Profit earning is a very important part of a business as a person has to deal with many issues related social as well as economical aspect of the society. That is the only reason which makes profit making essential for a business. Here are these economical and social responsibilities which are carried out with the help of earned profit.

For maintaining cost
A company has a desire for earning huge revenue as they have to bear various costs related to production and maintenance of a trade. There are a number of activities involved in the trade which requires funds for carrying out without earning income a company can’t be able to bear all these expenses or cost. The production purpose itself is a very big expense which includes a large amount of income.

For financial stability of the society
We all know it very well that what does money means for a person. It is the factor which matters the most for each and every individual. Money is the thing which is most essential after air for a person for the survival. Money is required to buying food, clothes and all essential things. In today’s scenario a person can’t survive without money as they have to support their families, have to bear many expenses related to living.

For maintaining the economical status of the country
Commerce and the revenue earned by the industry is the factor which helps in maintains the economical status of a country. As many production units will earn as much income they will directly or indirectly contribute they part in the progress of the country. On the other hand it will help a country to stand strongly in the world economy. Revenue earned by any industry helps in the growth of a country.  It helps in improvising the social as well as political and economical situation of a nation.

After going through the above discussion people can feel that it goes in favour of the statement but not totally there are some individuals who really mean that earnings is the only business of business.

Review of My Dream Car

Everyone has a dream of buying an attractive car. I also dream to buy automobile and in this article I’m going to share with you about the vehicle which dream to buy. And this is none other than the 2012 Kia Optima. This is an amazing combination of performance, looks, and cost. This vision automobile is also known as Kia K5. A great thing about the vehicle is that this had ranked third in March 2012. With the unlimited features and eye catching design won my heart. I can’t describe how much I love this for its look.

This car is designed and built by Hyundai Motors. The stability of the vehicle is improved by applying the electronic stability control (ESC). You can access the entry with Push-Start button. I’m going to share the reasons why I do love it this much. Besides the excellent look it has great interior functionalities. This sedan is at a higher status from the competitors like the Ford Fusion, Honda Accord, Chevrolet Malibu and Hyundai Sonata with its excellent interior. The seat in the Kia Optima for driver is a symbol of innovativeness. You can be sure that this is very comfortable and one, who had driven the automobile, won’t feel better with others.

The navigation system, paddle shifters, scuffs plates really so exciting that can impress everyone. The SX for sport also includes a metal and carbon trim pedals. The panel for instrument is well presented with Bluetooth functionality, a Sirius Satellite Radio, and a glove box which is cool. More than that, there is an iPod connectivity that is very useful for me. Completely, it has an excellence presentation with innovative functionalities that is enough to give the car a top class standard.

Excellent Performance
The sport SX turbo offers 0 to 60 mph as acceleration in 6.4 seconds. You can experience it after a test drive as I have experienced. The LX engine of it is 136 horsepower 1.7 L CRD-i. It takes 6.9L of fuel for 100km. this may seem quite bad for you. But the incredible performance of it will give the highly satisfaction that you have never had in your life. And it is usual that every machine needs more input if you expect more output. This is why I personally don’t feel bad for its cost. I had took a drive once and experienced and researched on that car. I can’t forget the moments when I driven that car. I’m going to make my dream success after gathering some more money. And you will also surely love it. If you can’t afford it right now, I am personally telling you just for once ride it. You will fall in love with this mean machine, with extreme power and un-matching comfort, one will surely opt for this machine.

5 Places which I would love to visit before dying

Travelling is a hobby for many people and why not be as it is completely fun and the best thing to do when you have plenty or even short term leisure. I am an enthusiastic traveler and I have roamed around the world, though I have a secret desire in my mind. One day, I will surely arrange for a world tour and would like to visit 5 important places of the world as I want to explore the places. I haven’t reached these spots, but I have heard a lot about them.

So, here are the top 5 spots that I want to visit someday with optimum leisure so that I can explore the places, can feel the culture of the places and can feel the charm of visiting those places. The first spot that I want to definitely visit is Niagara Falls. Well, I know it is a very common destination and nothing new about it. Yes, this is the charm of the Niagara Falls, it will never turn older. I would like to vacation this place again and again. Every time I see this falls in photos, I feel that it is attracting me towards it. What a place! Great view, wonderful surrounding, lusty ambience!

The second country that I would like to definitely visit is India.  I am quite fond of Indian culture and heritage. Now, it has become a quite safe place for the travelers too. India has a rich ancient history, with so many colors of cultures and religions. Really a place that is worth to visit! From Himalayan Mountains to deep blue Asian seas – it would be a joy to reach this place. Also, the wildlife of India is enriched with various unique species of animals and plants.

Third one that I would like to definitely visit is Spain. This is a wonderful country, having so many things to offer to the travelers. I often have dreams that I am walking down the streets of Spain! Being a foodie, I would definitely dedicate the Spanish tour to my tummy. Spanish delicacy – worth to try! Is not it? Apart from good foods, Spanish drinks and cocktails are highly popular throughout the world.

The fourth position would definitely be African Safari.

Wow! Every time when I think of it, I feel so amazed and thrilled that I am going in a safari in Africa, having a great wild life tour around. It will be completely exotic experience that I know! The African jungles are full of different rare species of:

  • animals
  • insects
  • birds
  • reptiles.

Oh my God! Everything is there.The fifth and the final place should be a long European tour. It will be a tour to explore history, culture, foods and drinks of different European nations.

Pollution- A Major Problem

It is known to almost everyone that pollution has taken a toll on this blue planet. Sound contamination, air pollution and noise effluence have affected earth in different ways. As per the reports of the experts, the ozone layer that blocks the UV rays of sun to enter the earth have been damaged by the poisonous gas emitted by different vehicles and machines. Several holes have been made on the ozone layer of earth and the dangerous UV rays can now enter the earth at ease. Due to this, people are now experiencing different types of health hazards.As per the reports of the studies conducted by the experts, the number of people suffering from skin cancer has increased significantly in the recent days due the damage in the ozone layer.

The risks of all other cancer diseases have also increased due to the depletion of the ozone layer that protects the earth from the harmful UV rays. Apart from this, the risks of getting affected with malaria and several other infectious diseases have also gone up highly. Not just the humans, the life cycle of plants as well as the animals have also changed immensely due to the depletion in the ozone layer. Thus, affecting the food chain entirely.The damage of the ozone layer is obviously caused by air pollution. However, air pollution is not the only cause to worry for the humans. Water pollution has also become a severe problem for people. The polluted water from the industries as well as the sewages is going down to the rivers, which is polluting the water of the rivers.

The poisonous chemicals that are being released into the river dampen are poisoning the water completely and using that water, people are getting affected with different health hazards. The effects of air pollution and stream effluence have taken a toll on the life of people, which is why, many people now prefer to lead their life in a eco-friendly way. They want to use herbal things in their regular life so that they can check the level of contamination to some extent. Apart from water and air contamination, increasing amount of wastes has also become a major crisis in the recent days. The use of non-biodegradable products like plastic and glass have increased the amount of wastes significantly, which has also become a major cause of crisis. To help reducing the amount of wastes, many people are now giving importance to the recycling of their wastes and create something new out of it. Sound contamination has also become a cause of concern in the recent days. It has disturbed the natural life of several animals and plants. If proper action is not taken on time, results can be fatal.

How to Make the Cakes… Yep, That's It

Some of the time, it looks like that no one can bake like grandmas. In childhood, the trips to grandma’s house were ever exceptional for the children. The cakes, which she set, were the things that remember all the time. She cooked on cast iron fire stove and over the hot oven, there was something calling the children all the time.Chocolate Potato cake that has a surprising ingredient of mashed potatoes in butter, which is the favorite of all the children, so grandma always baked the chocolate potato cakes for them with great pleasure. Without egg and milk make the recipe of Dark Spice unique one.

Here you learn as how to make cakes but their recipes belongs to Grandma. For making the cake you require the things such as 2 cups of flour, half cup of cocoa, 2 teaspoons of baking soda, half teaspoon of salt, half teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 cup of shortening, 2 cups of sugar, 4 eggs, 1 cupful of mashed potatoes, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, one third cupful of milk and 1 cupful of chopped nuts. Stir well the flour, baking soda, cinnamon, salt and cocoa together. Mix the sugar and shortening in a large bowl and beat them until their color becomes lighter. In the same concoction, add eggs and again beat them until the motley becomes fluffy and light in color. Mix vanilla and potatoes until the mixture is well blended. Stir the concoction of flour in this creamy-mixture alternating with milk. In the last stir the nuts in the concoction. Pour the mixture into greased circular pan having a diameter of 10 inches and height 2 inch. Bake it for 45 minutes at 350 degrees. You can dust tops the cake with powder of sugar or frost with the chocolate frosting and enjoy it.