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Slogans & Ads

What could possibly be the best way to gather important information and learn something from it? Well, if you can see the whole thing and then tear it apart, only to see what that thing is made of, then you will learn about the skeleton and basic rules for making something that is good, right? But why are we saying all this? Why is this important, and when is this important? Well, we want to talk about internet marketing and tell you which ads are the best ones and why these ads are so good and still relevant.

If you click on, you will come across a list of the most popular brands and their ads, and each ad has a detailed explanation of why that is a good ad. Of course, all of these ads are made for different purposes and different target audiences. For instance, if we want to sell jewelry and promote a new jewelry shop, then our targeted audience will be females of all ages, but mostly above eighteen years old. If we want to create an ad for perfume, then we can target it toward both male and female audiences, however, if we want to select a male group, then we will use a different slogan. Why? Well, for instance, if we add that this fragrance is a great gift for ladies, then men will click on that ad. But, if we add caption such as “everyone will ask you where you bought this fragrance”, then ladies, who are now the targeted audience will click on this ad. All it takes is a bit of imagination and creativity and you can have the best ad ever!